Planned Updates Roadmap has a massive amount of exciting features coming! Many of these features have come from community suggestions. If you have any questions, suggestions or improvements, please post them on the Discord.

New Game Modes

While started out as just another Battle Royale, it won't stay that way. There will also be, FFA, TDM, Domination, Defuse, Capture the Flag, King of the Kill, One in the Chamber and Gun Game. These game modes will exist in a public playlist. At the end of each game, players will be able to vote on the next game mode and map.

Map Editor

The community has so many terrific ideas for map layouts and that the most efficient way to implement them is to provide an editing tool for users to build their own map and try out their own ideas. Players will be able to place and edit all available map objects. Map boundaries and kill zones will also be editable. Weapon and player spawn points can be edited as well.

Custom Games & Private Lobbies

Once custom maps are created, the next logical step is to customize the game rules to go along with them. Players will be able to edit many different game rules. Game modes, time limits, starting weapons, shields, health, pickups, movement speed and many more.

Map and Game Mode Sharing

Custom game modes and maps are only fun if people can play them. Users will be able to share their custom made game modes and maps on their Gulch profile pages. There will also be a community page that shows the most popular maps and game modes.


Players who perform well will be rewarded with accolades. The accolade symbols will flash up on the HUD briefly after they're unlocked. The most impressive accolades will be displayed on the scoreboard at the end of each game. Players' entire collection of accolades will be visible on their stats page.


There will be a long list of special challenges involving weapons, equipment and gamemodes. For example, get 100 kills with the Lonestar, or get 25 double kills with the Frag Grenade. In addition, there will be regular challenges that update each day. Completing challenges will unlock special rewards such as new avatars and weapon skins.


Currently, the only avatar available is the simple helmet and visor that we've had since There will be a large selection of new and exotic avatars to choose from. Community members will be encouraged to create their own and submit them for review. The best designs from the community will be added to the game regularly.

Customizable weapon skins

As a reward for completing challenges, weapon skins will be unlocked. Show off your achievements with all kinds of new and unique weapon skins. Players will be able to switch out weapon skins from the account menu.

Better Graphics

Animations for bullet hits, shields and grenade movements/explosions will all be improved. Care will be taken to ensure the game is still playable on lower-end machines. The UI will receive significant polish and usability improvements.


In its current form, is completely silent. This has to change! Each weapon and piece of equipment will be linked with a custom made sound file. The game environment will also feature ambient sounds and movement foley.

Advanced Stats Tracking

This will be the most advanced IO Game stats tracking system to date. Almost 100 different player metrics will be tracked and displayed on players' stats pages. Every game played will be tracked and a history of past games will be visible on players' profiles. There will also be API access available for Discord bots.


Players will be able to create, join and manage clans. Clans will receive rankings based on their members' performance. The exact ranking criteria is yet to be decided. Full, detailed clan information will be visible on the stats pages. Clan tags will be displayed next to players' usernames in game, on leaderboards and on their stats pages.

Friends & Messaging System

In addition to clans, players will be able to maintain their own friends lists. Add players to friends list by entering their username or by clicking the "Add Friend" button from their stats page. The game client will also store a list of recent players' usernames so you can go back and add them after games. The friends list will show their online/last played status.

Fully Featured Account System

There will be a dedicated site and cluster of servers set up just to handle the stats and account system. Players will be able to log into their account customize their avatar, select weapon skins, manage their clans, change usernames, passwords, manage friends lists and more.

Account Verification

To avoid the situation where people try to imitate other users by creating accounts with similar usernames, players will be able to verify their account information through the Gulch account system. After successfully verifying the account, a little symbol will appear next to their username in game and on their stats pages.

Proxy URLs

The game will be available at multiple URLs to work with school and work firewalls. There will be a list of available URLs on the homepage that'll be kept up to date as new URLs are added.